Video projections along side dance and video mapping on the performer doing aerials. AVP is an ongoing project of mixed art together with Monika Stepak


A performance directed by Cat Smits about the procedure of acceptance of migrants in The Netherlands. Dancers, puppets and visual technology (motion tracking) were in display at The Visual Technology Laboratory on July the 6th 2019.

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This theatrical project has been realized in a few different versions since 2009, each time diving a little deeper into interpretations
and exploring the implications of this hallucinatory story

André Kroese – Albert Manders – Daan vd Ende – Dead Fish Fuck – Henriette v Reesema – Jacob Plooij – Jochem Hartz – Juan Vega – NunsWithGunsVJ – Vilbjørg Broch – Wen Chin Fu

Visual support at Talk Shows

The artwork went through different pictures/tv programs and sound design to bring the feeling of 1989 events. The projection was made behind a tower of champagne glasses mapped in bright colors in front of the projection. We aimed at giving the whole surround feeling of change and people’s determination that brought to the fall of the “Iron Curtain”.

Sound Design: Slobodan Bajic


Tasting the stars of ’89 at De Balie, Amsterdam

Room design project presented at the Balie in Amsterdam for ’89 Civil Courage from the Club Interbellum.

The mexican connection

Video triptych to open the second evening of the The Mexican Connection event at the Balie in Amsterdam. Client: Club Interbellum